Crotchless Panties

Crotchless Panties

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Using My Laptop in Public is Like New Year’s Eve

Laptop confetti_1Laptop confetti_2

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Sleep: Okay fine, I admit it

Sleep 1Sleep 2Sleep 3Sleep 4Sleep 5Sleep 6


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Crisis Management

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How Dogs Puke – If You’re Lucky

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THE ORIGINAL: “5 Crazy Things I Do That Are Normal in Dog World”

*Originally posted on Sarah Leaps on 3.26.12*

Working from home means I get to spend a lot of time with my dogs, which is one of the things I looked forward to most when I started…and so far, I haven’t been disappointed.  Granted, they often require more attention than I’d prefer: someone always needs to go out, or get refereed, or sit on my lap, or fart in my face.  It never fails that I’ll get them all fed, peed out, tucked in for a nap and be tiptoeing back to my computer when one of them  pops her eye open and it’s all over.  Makes me wonder how parents of kids–you know, the human kind–ever manage to stay sane, let alone prevent a household from being condemned and get a hot dinner on the table.

But still, ten times out of ten, my dogs win.  No matter what deadline looms or how much housework glares, I will always take a hand (sometimes both) off the keyboard to lay it on a belly or scratch behind a ear.  I’ll shove over on the couch so someone can breathe hot doggie breath on my cheek.  Why?  I love them.  And one day they will be gone.  One day, I’ll wish for their noses jabbing at my elbow, and they won’t be there.  So while they’re here, they win.  That–or maybe I’m lazy.  Or easily distracted.

Whatever the case, I’m around them pretty much 24/7, and that has exacerbated my pre-disposed crazy dog lady tendencies.  I know I do things that are weird to people who don’t have dogs.  The only people they aren’t weird to are other dog people.  As a way of auditing how in touch with reality I still am, I’ve started a list called “Crazy Things I Do That Are Normal Because I Have Dogs,” and figure that as long as I can still come up with things to add to the list, I’m not totally bonkers.

I’ve got ten on the list and have illustrated only five, but man, I gotta stop for now.  I have tons of other (aka “paying client”) work that I need to get done before they all wake up again.


Shower with the door open:

Carry on conversations with poo in my hand:

Make up nicknames and songs to go with them…and then perform for the dogs:



Stretch out on the dog bed to watch TV:


Have my superpower in the form of baby gates:

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